What Were We Thinking? The 24 hour day trip by Frank Werts published in the July 08 newsletter


Historic First Run of the Glow Stick Armada Cocorus by night by Mike Betts to published in May 08 newsletter


Pat Montagne's Nine River Salad Paddling on the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border. From Daugherty Run on up! May 2005 Newsletter


Stoney Rendezvous With Destiny, 2005 by Chris Iverson. July 2005 newsletter


Webster Wild Water Fest 2005 by Pat Montagne. July 2005 newsletter.


Shenandoah Staircase May 05 by Mike Betts. Happy Birthday Brenton! July newsletter


Girlie Man Sighting in Northern Maryland Press reports. November 04 Newsletter


Gunpowder July 4, the day the Keg Exploded by Mike Betts. High water on a little stream. September 05 newsletter


Pure Screaming Hell or Where The Hell is That Clam Shell? Ken Gustavsen's virgin trip down the Upper Yough. July 2005 newsletter.


Intermediate Course 2004 by Mike Betts. July 04 newsletter.


Intermediate Course 2005 by Mike Betts. September 05 newsletter


Intermediate Course 2006 by Mike Betts.


Middle Fork of the Salmon by Shirley Koty. November 05 newsletter


Quebec Canada Trip by Jay Venable. November 05 newsletter


Yough First Timer by Channon Koty. Not yet published


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