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Red Lion Pool Session Information

Schedule for the 2013 Pool last year, if it floats, bring it. As always the rules are simple.

ALL paddlers are encouraged to take advantage of the very affordable pool time we are lucky enough to have again this year. If you paddle a playboat, creeker, sea kayak, canoe, or hemorrhoid cushion; whatever you have...these sessions are for ALL CCC MEMBERS.

Instruction is informal, but there are always plenty of experienced folks both male and female available to help you learn, refine, work on your ROLL! It's also a great opportunity to see and demo other's boats if you're not sure what to buy. Local outfitters who are also club members often bring demo fleets to these sessions.

If you are bringing your own boat, please bring a clean boat. NO LEAVES OR DEBRIS ..... I MEAN CLEAN EM OUT!!! THIS MEANS REMOVING AIR BAGS AND HOSING THOSE SUCKERS!!! Every year, I see junk coming out of boats.....THEY see it too sooooooo.....A Little bit of effort goes a LONG way to keeping a good standing with Red Lion HS.

Session price is $5.00 per valid and current membership. You MUST, repeat MUST be a member to enter the pool. This is limited to IMMEDIATE family and means a family of 4 gets in for $5.00! Sorry, no cousins, no aunts, no uncles, etc. they gotta pay their own way too. You can also join or renew your CCC membership at your first session.

Snow policy is as follows: If the school is open that day, session is ON...if questionable I \ we \ anyone can call the school 717-246-1611 for that day's info. Same price as last year, $5.00 per membership per session.....this covers your IMMEDIATE family, not your brothers, sisters, uncles etc. So far we have been able to cover the pool rental cost via this policy, any extra funds at the end of the pool season go into the scholarship fund..

Be aware that Fridays up to the start of February are high school basketball nights. Someone will always be playing in the gym. If the boys are away then the girls are home etc. This affects the parking. Red Lion has opened a new gym and that entrance is located at what used to be the 'back' of the school. Those games start at 6:00.



Red Lion Area Senior High School
200 Horace Mann Avenue
Red Lion, PA 17356
Phone: (717) 246-1611


2013 Schedule

Pooltime will be from7:00pm to 10pm

Jan. 4-11-18-25

February 1-8-15-22

March 1-8-15-22

Last pool session for 2013 is Friday March 22nd.




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